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Although it is one of the smallest rooms in a given property, bathrooms can often be the most labour-intensive rooms during construction requiring excellent workmanship to avoid leakages that could derail a project's efficiency and budget. Seizing the opportunity to improve upon existing bathroom set designs available in the market, Gunung Putri Graha Mas created a wholly different prefabricated bathroom set by tapping into its broad knowledge of fiberglass materials for streamlined fabrication and installation.

GPGM's prefabricated bathrooms reflect the company's seasoned technical knowhow, expert resources and enterprising approach to construction materials. Made to order, the pre-fabricated bathrooms are designed to the client's specifications using Bilionite solid surfacing material which offers an unlimited colour palette to choose from as well as being anti-bacterial. GPGM bathroom products extend to bathtubs, lavatories and sinks for design consistency throughout the bathroom design. On completion, the prefabricated bathroom set is delivered directly to the project site for installation using Whale FRP composite piping which is quick to install as well as anticorrosive and well suited to all manner of climates.

Gunung Putri Graha Mas move into the prefabricated bathroom industry came as a direct result of a decision to combine the resources and diverse talents of two of its separate divisions, Whale FRP and Bilionite to pioneer new a new standard of product for the market. The company's smooth transition into this segment is indicative of its ability to expand rapidly with a measured approach relying upon proven strengths in quality control and consumer branding accumulated over the past three decades.